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Greetings From IowaIowa, the 29th State admitted to the Union in 1846, is fondly known as the Hawkeye State. Iowa is part of America’s Heartland, and an important contributor to the nation’s agricultural economy. Des Moines, the capital city, is a multi-faceted, diverse, and friendly city. Known for its sports teams, academia, and culture, it is rich in heritage and complexity.


Iowa is the only State bordered by rivers to its east and west. Along with its six neighboring States, Iowa’s hills and valleys provide lush farmland and 25% of its population live on farms and in rural areas.


The major industries are agriculture, electrical and non-electrical machinery, lumber, minerals, manufacturing, and fabrication. However, Iowa is the nation’s third most productive agricultural State, generating much of the country’s corn, soybean, and livestock resulting in more than $10 billion in annual sales.

Special Interests

Iowa is the birthplace of John Wayne, Red delicious apples, Winnebago Motor Homes, Quaker Oats, and the location of the film Bridges of Madison County. The State is famous for RAGBRAI, The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, an annual seven-day bicycle ride across the State that allows riders to dip their feet in the Mississippi River on the east and the Missouri and Big Sioux Rivers on the west.